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Midco Lubricants formulates, produces and distributes lubricants for the Automotive, Transportation and Industrial applications. Midco Lubricants is a leader in Innovation and Technology with many proprietary formulations for outstanding performance beyond conventional lubricants. Longer service intervals and “Earth Friendly” approaches are the driving force behind Midco Lubricant. Most products are packaged in 12-quart cases, 3- 1-gallon cases, 3-5 quart cases, 5-gallon pails, 15/30 and 55-gallon drums along with 275 and 330 gallon totes. Bulk delivery is also available.


Midco Lubricants include both Conventional and “Green Earth Friendly”


  • Passenger car motor oils
  • HD Diesel Truck motor oils
  • Automatic Transmission Fluids
  • Gear Oils
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • High Performance and Racing Lubricants
  • Gasoline, Flex Fuel and Diesel Fuel Additives
  • R & D Bio Fuels and Alternative Fuels
  • Amber Assembly Lube™ for the Transmission Industry
  • Chassis Grease
  • Engine and Transmission Additive Supplements
  • Automotive and Truck Coolants
  • Industrial Lubricants and Coolants
  • Solvents
  • Racing Methanol and Methanol +4
  • And More . . .


   More than 162 lubricant companies manufacture over 104 formulas for ATF claiming they meet the past Dexron III specification. This is simply not true. Most do not meet these specifications and should be avoided. Midco Lubricants ATF plus the addition of TOS, a Transmission Oil Supplement, was tested using ASTM testing procedures. . Below describes a brief testing procedure and results.

  Midco TOS (Transmission Oil Supplement) out performs any ATF being tested and running the whole required time of 60 minutes, under test loads while duplicate runs of ATF without Midco TOS failed within 10 seconds from the start. The 60 minute time for Midco TOS is not a fluke, in repeat tests Midco TOS supplement in ATF ran as high as 192, 166, and 186 minutes before failure. This is an independent test, not performed by Midco Lubricants, but by an independent third party who furnishes Midco Lubricants with chemical additives for lubricants. Midco Lubricants has participated in many such independent tests resulting in advanced lubricant technology and development receiving recognition as and industry leader in Automotive, HD Truck and Industrial lubricants, as well as firearms lubricant and protectant used by the US military and private contractors.

Two of the largest oil producers in the world have told Midco, “They wish it was theirs”. The original letters of recognition from these producers still hang on the Midco office walls for all to see.


Midco Lubricants gets rave review


     We have to say we have tested many lubricants in our 27-year history, but have never been so impressed with the performance data and open-minded approach to improving lubricants as demonstrated by Midco Lubricants, Rockford, IL. Their newest Midco Diesel Maxx 15W40 says it all. We found that it not only meets but also exceeds any of the over 50 engine manufacturers specifications that we have compared and stored in our data files from 2007 to date. We were particularly impressed by the extreme heat and durability test in the southern California Baja test. Out of 140 entries Midco’ Maxx 15W40 performed in the top 5 with the measured difference of those top 5 being less than .0227%. Midco’s Mannich Technology, part of their PolyX program, is an obvious winner. We expect more good things to come out of Rockford in the future.


                                                              William Balmes

                                                            Chief Lubricant Testing Div.

                                                          Aeromotive Technology Group



Test date in:  03-13-12             Sequence 551311-99602          SAE testing #2 Pass              RDD testing NA


Conclusion; 06-04-12                                                                                                                    Sign off Peter T Langley

Quality Cost, Lack of Quality Cost More!


Midco products cost more than bargain no name brands, but bargain  brands can cost you a lot more than a few bucks.

I am always amazed at the customer that shops for price only. You have to consider quality and service along with price. This adds up to Value. Midco products may cost a little more, but are a better value, plain and simple. One example is our 15w40 diesel motor oil. Our J410 is a CJ-4 specification motor oil for most modern diesel motors. It is a 10TBN (total base number) Total base number is a measure of a lubricant‘s reserve alkalinity or a measure of a lubricants ability to neutralize acids caused by the use of high sulpher content fuels. This adds to a motor oil service life interval. This is only one function that Midco products excel in. Another is wear prevention. It is one thing to claim anti wear properties but proving it is another. Midco’s J410 exceeds any other formulation on the market. We have technology such as “SYNERGISTIC POLYXORGANOBORATE POLYMER COMPOSITIONS “. Big words meaning BIG PERFORMANCE. These ingredients combined to perform outstanding SYNERGISTIC results. Synergistic, as used here, meaning the results of one or more additives is higher than the sum combined. Thus 1 +1 = 5 or something like that. Developing a formula containing additives that work better together than separately is an exhausting task. Midco has achieved that.


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