The highest rated Racing ATF

The highest rated Racing ATF

Racing Products

True Racing ATF has very little similarity to regular transmission fluid, such as Dexron III, Mercon, Ford type F or even universal tractor fluids. Yes, they all make the car go down the track but if you are running a real racing transmission, why would you put a fluid in it that is insufficient?

Midco Lubricants, in Rockford, Illinois is one of few companies that produce their own Real Racing ATF. Real racing ATF is made from Special Blends of high performance base oils and carefully formulated additives to enhance clutch and band engagements. They increase the torque capacity (holding power) of both statically (from the start up) applied clutches and bands as well as the dynamically (during the shifts) applied clutches. Regular ATF’s contain friction modifiers to smooth out engagements, thus reducing overall holding power.

Midco has two high performance transmission fluids. First is our flagship and most popular with the racing professionals, Blue Maxx™. Blue Maxxis a high temperature synthetic that can take the brutal punishment required by racing transmissions. Proven to increase the torque capacity by 20-25% while protecting vital internal transmission and torque converter parts from heat damage. Faster trans break releases, better torque transfer, better component protection and unbeatable performance.

Midco Pro-Street Red™ ATF is our petroleum based ATF formulated with an aggressive racing additive package for the street driven performance enthusiast. Works well with any automatic with or without a lock-up clutch type torque converter. Midco Pro-Street Red™ ATF is suitable for street or strip performance at a street budget price.

On a special note for those that prefer using a universal type tractor fluid, as we said before any fluid will make the car move but only a racing ATF has the right base oils, additives and correct viscosity to give maximum performance and protection. Universal tractor fluid is a heavier viscosity than ATF and does not have the correct additives for racing purposes. Most contain additives for anti-squawk brakes that are detrimental to racing transmission applications.

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Midco Blue Maxx FR™ (Fire Resistant)

Racing Transmission Fluid

Is A Big Hit Among Racers


Midco Blue Maxx FR™ is the newest, safest Automatic Transmission Fluid formulated to date. Racers, Car owners and track owners all agree this is a very smart move. MaxxFR for short performs as well as the original Blue Maxx™ Racing ATF. It offers the highest static coefficient of friction (gripping power to the clutches and bands) than any other ATF. This means optimum transmission performance and protection. This cannot be achieved by conventional off the shelf ATF or Universal tractor fluids. OEM off the shelf fluids contain additives that cause softer shifts and less holding power. They cannot take the stress and heat that is generated by racing transmissions, such as ones equipped with a transbrake. Tractor fluids contain additives not designed for high RPM racing, but instead are made for slow heavy load uses.So, whether you choose Midco Blue Maxx™ or Blue Maxx FR™ you can race all season knowing your transmission is receiving Maximum protection and safety approved by the “Track Safety Safari” for safety and ease of clean-up.

mid blue maxx

Midco Blue Maxx™ Racing Transmission Fluids

Midco Lubricants has added to their Racing Products the first Safety Fire Resistant Racing Automatic Transmission Fluid. For the 2014 racing season, based on the same chemistry the as the popular Midco Blue Maxx racing formula ATF. Blue Maxx is the proven leader for clutch and band life in high-powered racing transmissions. No other fluid can offer the holding power that Blue Maxx ATF does, and now is also available with in a fire resistant formula to increase racing safety. With a flash point over 610 deg F Midco’s Blue Maxx FR ATF will provide a greatly reduced threat from fire due to transmission fluid leaking from broken or ruptured lines or leaking seals. Blue Maxx FR is biodegradable providing safe and easy track clean up after a leak down. Safety and Protection are a major concern at Midco Lubricant and should be with you and your racecar. Consider Midco Blue Maxx Automatic Transmission fluids for your next transmission change.

Midco Lubricants, Rockford, IL.                                                        815-229-3150

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