Midco BioSolvent - truly an amazing product !

 Bio Solvent pic

A bio-based, plant-derived, non-toxic, readily biodegradable green alternative solvent


• Excellent degreaser for automotive parts cleaning –bonding preparation, industrial cleaning, bulk bins, and storage tanks.

• Outstanding for formulating grease-stripping products to remove oil, grease, polymers and polishes.

• Ideal for flushing paint lines, cleaning spray guns and cleaning paint booths and dissolving resins.

• Effective on most polyurethanes, enamels and UV curable coatings

• Excellent for pre-cleaning parts prior to painting, without leaving a greasy residue.

• High solvency power, up to 800 Kb ( kari-butanol value ), excellent replacement for mineral spirits, MEK, Acetone, Toluene and Xylene.

• Excellent synergy when blended with other solvents; perfect for making ink cleaners, adhesive removers, hand wipes, paint strippers, and graffiti removers.

• Eliminates hazards associated with petrochemicals

• Not listed on California Proposition 65 ( 50 state legal ) and Canada

• Rinses with water, without costly surfactants

• Not listed as ODC, HAP or SARA reportable                                                                                             corn

• EPA approved SNAP solvent

• Safe, Non-Toxic, Non-carcinogenic

• Domestic production source

• No environmentally hazardous ingredients

• 100% readily biodegradable, considered no or low VOC.

• Pleasant clean non-offensive scent

• Available in gallons, drums and bulk totes.


A Biodegradable product produced exclusively by Midco Lubricant, Rockford, IL.



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