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Midco Lubricants has added Maxx EuroBenz ATF to our Midco Maxx lineup including Midco Maxx(red) and Blue Maxx Racing ATF.

New data shows that the new Midco Maxx EuroBenz full synthetic ATF is superior in lubrication and meets the latest Mercedes 236.16 specification and is retrofit back to any earlier specification.



Designed specifically for factory and service filling Mercedes Benz seven-speed transmissions. Maxx EuroBenz ATF replaces all listed on MB 236.12. Maxx EuroBenz ATF is exclusively approved for the last NAG-V Sports transmissions and recommended for both the 7G-Tronic transmission (model 722.9/ W7A 700 / NAG-2) and 5-speed transmissions (model 722.6 / W5A 580 / NAG-1). It is also backward compatible to all previous Mercedes Benz 4 – and 5- speed automatic transmission (model 722.7 / FAG) in the A-Class Vaneo and vehicles.


Approvals: Exceeds MB-Approval 236.16 236.14


Midco Maxx EuroBenz is available by 12-1 quart case, 3-one gallon case, 5 gallon, 15 gallon, 30 gallon and 55 gallon containers. Private labeling available.



Midco Lubricants

5112 28th Ave, Rockford, Illinois, 61109


                                 www.midcolube.com                    10-01-11

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