Lubricants 101 is the first line on education for the “EXPERTS” and the novice alike. You will be reading many educational and informative articles about petroleum oil, synthetics, synthetic blends and additive packs. Return back from time to time and catch-up on the newest on-going technology that Midco Lubricants brings to you.


Fact number 1) ┬áIt always amazes me the number of people that feel they know more about their cars engine oil requirements than the researchers that spend millions of dollars researching and testing that the OEM’s developers do. Just because a 5W30 engine oil works in a car calling for 5W20 does not mean you should use it. Un desirable effects can happen over time that may be a direct result from using the wrong oil. Just as we have seen motor builders use a racing motor oil for track use only in a street performance car and then complain the oil is not doing its job. Street performance cars need a High performance Street oil, designed for cylinder and ring protection should not use a full synthetic racing oil for the strew. BIG DIFFERENCE! Call your Midco Lubricants supplier for the proper grade oil for your use.

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